Shooting a bow and arrow



Before shooting a bow and arrow, make sure your target is placed in a safe spot. Check that behind target is a suitable backstop, such as a hill or dirt pile, and that there are no potential obstructions in front of it.

To shoot, grasp an arrow just in front of the fletching and place it on the arrow rest. Line up the slot of the nock; this ensures the fletching is in the correct position for your arrow rest. Gently push the nock onto the string under the nock locator until you hear a click. This is called "nocking the arrow.”

Look at the target and assume a shooting position. You can aim either by choosing your target instinctively or by attaching a mechanical sight to the bow for reference.

Pull the bow string smoothly to a full draw and anchor the string to your anchor point. In a smooth motion, keeping your bow arm steady, release the string and hold your shooting position until the arrow hits the target. The follow-through will help with your shot accuracy.

Bow hunters practice on a regular basis to maintain a high level of skill with shooting their bows. They often practice in conditions similar to what is likely to be experienced in the field, using both target arrows and the particular kind of arrow points they tend to use for hunting, such as broadheads for deer or other large game.

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