What is still hunting?



Not hunting styles are effective for all situations. Your surroundings and the particular game you are hunting will require that you adapt. Some techniques are better suited for hunting alone, while others are ideal for hunting with a group.

Still huntingStill hunting is a technique where a hunter moves slowly through a hunting area looking for game animals. Slowly moving and frequently stopping to look and listen, you have a greater chance of spotting game. This technique works very well on rainy or windy days. But be warned: a hunter must take great care with every step. Unfamiliar sounds quickly alert game animals and they are likely to run away if they sense any danger.

When still hunting, hunters take advantage of all trees, blow downs, thickets and undergrowth to hide movement and to break up their outlines in the woods. They are also mindful of wind direction. Remember the old saying about keeping the wind on your face. It's true; if the wind is blowing against you, your scent will be behind you rather than in the path of the game you wish to spot and harvest.

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