Shotgun stance



A hunter's shotgun stance is similar to a boxer’s: both stand with their feet apart at shoulder width. Right-eye dominant shooters have the left leg slightly forward and the left foot pointed toward the target. Left-eye dominant shooters have the right leg slightly forward and the right foot turned toward the target. The hunter bends forward a little at the waist. The forward leg of the hunter is bent slightly, but not locked.

The hunter then raises the shotgun to the cheek under the dominant eye first and then back to the shoulder. The positioning of the shotgun on the cheek is critical. If the shotgun is not placed correctly against the cheek, the shot will either be high or low.

A general rule to follow is that the stock be held comfortably —not too tight or too loose— against the cheek, just under the cheekbone. The hunter's head must also be held straight, not canted to the left or right.

Have someone knowledgeable check a shotgun’s fit before you purchase it. Some shotguns have shims or adjustable stocks to help with this alignment.

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