Help improve the reputation of hunters



Typically, the public is more critical of hunter behavior than of hunting itself. When members of the public see hunters behaving in an unethical or offensive manner, it reflects badly on all those who engage in this sport. Hunters that are safe and ethical know that behavior is what sets us apart from non-ethical hunters.

The way hunters talk is an important part of building a positive reputation. When we are in public, we have to be careful not to say or relate stories in a manner that might offend the general public. Using words and phrases to describe an exciting story of a hunt might be acceptable in the hunting camp, but when others might find it offensive when not in that context. Using the word "harvest" instead of "kill" is a good example being considerate of others when in public. Safe and ethical hunters always must act in a safe and responsible manner while out in public as well as while hunting. We must also be aware of the unethical display of slogans on t-shirts, clothing or bumper stickers, such as: "If It Flies, It Dies!" or "Happiness Is A Gut Pile!"

The way hunters dress and act is also important. For example, you normally would not go into a store or a restaurant with dirt and blood all over your clothes. Don’t do so when hunting. Ethical hunters bring an extra set of clothes with them so if they need to go to town or to a public place they will not offend others. Ethical hunters also do not drive around with game tied on the hood of their vehicle.

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