INSIDER Update: Idaho now live



The GOHUNT team is happy to announce the release of our Idaho deer, elk and antelope unit profiles as well as our specie and state profiles, which will unlock access to even more indepth information for those looking to hunt Idaho in the near future. You can find the new Idaho information under the INSIDER tab at the upper right of your screen.

INSIDER Update: Idaho now live - 1

With over 200 Idaho profiles in total, we hope that our INSIDER members can continue to benefit from our in-the-field knowledge, data and tips on our latest state. We look forward to adding to the list and continuing to share our new enhancements as we progress. Idaho is now our sixth live state, with Wyoming and Montana to follow.

INSIDER Update: Idaho now live - 2

As our INSIDER memebers have come to know us since launch, we have always provided in-depth analysis on important topics — over-the-counter tags based on state avalbility, animal trends and predictions, sets of application strategy aticles to help hunters when applying in certain states and much more.

We have more states to add, more tools to create and more data to show. As our team continues to expand, we continue to explore new technologies — adding more value for our members. We aren’t stopping here...that is our promise to INSIDERs.

For those who are not farmiliar with GOHUNT INSIDER, we proudly bring the most comprehensive set of hunting tools available exclusively to our members. Imagine being able to get a birds-eye view of your hunting unit, then quickly view weather history and moon phases. While at the same time, looking at specie genetics, seasonal behavior and harvest success trends so you know what to expect.

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