Mobile Maps Update: Real 3D and shared Collections now live!

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With hunting season in full swing, we're excited to announce goHUNT Maps’ biggest and most valuable update ever is here! Our mobile mapping app already had the tools that Western hunters needed to be successful in the field, and now, hunters get more.

A Quick Look at This Massive Mobile App Update

  • REAL 3D: Get the best 3D experience available on mobile.

  • Shared Collections: Share entire Collections of hunt data with friends/family, not just one waypoint at a time.

  • Pin An Active Collection: Automatic organization of your content into a Collection.

  • Fast Downloads: Download faster than ever with our breakthrough technology.

Be sure to grab your mobile device and update your app to start taking advantage of these great new features. Here’s how to check to make sure you’re on the latest version.

Android users can download goHUNT Maps here

iPhone Users can download goHUNT Maps here

What’s Exactly Included in This update?

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Real 3D on Mobile!

We understand the need for 3D when it comes to hunting, after all, 3D is everything and we want to bring the same badass full REAL 3D experience that we have on our web version of GOHUNT Maps, to your mobile device! We also know the frustration that other products have made by not including Android. Well, we love our Android users and they also have this same 3D experience as Apple users.

Having real 3D map means you'll be better prepared for hunts as you'll know every detail of a hunting area. Just remember, when we say real 3D, we mean full 3D capabilities!

Shared Collections

Mobile Maps Update: Real 3D and shared Collections now live! - 2

We all hunt with friends and family. In the past it was a huge headache to share content with friends because you could only share one waypoint at a time, that process was slow and not a great experience. When you hunt with friends it makes much more sense to share an entire Collection of waypoints with them! Collections are essentially folders that a hunter can use to organize all their waypoints. This way you and your friends have the same content on both of your devices and it will not only help plan for the next day’s hunt, but it means everyone is on the same page and has all the best information to be more successful. And… you control the permissions of the Collection and can unshare it at any time.

Pin an Active Collection

You can now pin an active Collection so that your new map features are automatically organized while you're using your mobile device in the field. You no longer need to add waypoints to a collection one at a time. Follow these simple steps to stay organized in and out of the field. You can pin one active collection at a time.

1. Open a Collection detail drawer2. Tap on the "Pin" icon (it will turn orange when active)3. Any new feature created on the map will automatically be added to this collection.

This greatly simplifies your waypoint organization to ensure all the items you save go into a Collection.

Faster Downloads

Downloading a map for a hunt or scouting trip should be seamless and easy. Our new map download process ensures you’re never without a map on your next hunt! With this update, you’ll now have even faster downloads. Also, we now have a new feature where your maps are passively downloading/caching while you are still online and panning around the map. This is a great feature that makes sure you have a map available even if your signal drops.

This also helped to speed up your map downloads… and again, now if you lose signal at any point in the download, you will still have a workable map and the download will resume when you are back in cell service. Not only that, but sometimes things happen and you might forget to download a map before you head into the field. And now, if you’ve been using the mobile app panning around in your hunting area, we are actively saving a copy of the maps automatically while you are using the app. A huge win!

GOHUNT Maps will make you more successful in the field and if you’re not an INSIDER when you join you will get access to GOHUNT Maps and the rest of the GOHUNT platform.

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