Idaho hopes new rules will keep CWD out of the state

Prohibits deer, elk and moose imports into the state from confirmed CWD states or countries

As chronic wasting disease (CWD) continues to sweep across the country, many states are creating action plans to either halt the spread of the disease or keep it from infiltrating completely. The Idaho Fish and Game Commission recently approved new rules that they hope will help keep CWD away from state deer, elk and moose herds. Currently, there are no confirmed cases of CWD in Idaho and, with strict adherence to the following new rules, state officials hope to keep it that way.

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG), effective immediately, the state has banned the import of any portion (whole or otherwise) of a wild deer, elk or moose from another state or country (including Canada) that has “any documented case of CWD” with the following exceptions:

  • Meat that is cut and wrapped;

  • Quarters or deboned meat that does not include brain or spinal tissue;

  • Edible organs that do not include brains;

  • Hides without heads;

  • Upper canine teeth (ivories, buglers, or whistlers);

  • Finished taxidermy;

  • Dried antlers; or

  • Cleaned and dried skulls or skull caps.

In addition to the import ban, there is another state-wide ban immediately in effect that prohibits the use of natural cervid urine for hunting.

Idaho hopes new rules will keep CWD out of the state - 1

Per IDFG, there are three other rules that are pending legislative approval:

  • Using IDFG’s CWD risk strategy “as a consideration and criteria into winter feeding decisions”;

  • “Restricting public from winter feeding deer and elk in designated CWD management zones in the event that CWD is discovered in Idaho”; and

  • Banning the importation of any live mule deer, whitetail deer or moose into the state. The only exceptions would be rehabilitation facilities that have approved permits to obtain these wild animals.

Stay tuned to GOHUNT for further information.

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