Lorenzo's 2018 Idaho Backcountry Gear List

Item-by-item breakdown

Lorenzo Sartini

This video highlights the gear I took on my most recent 10-day hunt in Idaho with Brandon Evans. It wasn't your traditional backcountry hunt as we wanted to stay very mobile and not commit to one area due to the fact that we had so many different tags in our pocket.

My Tags

  • 2 general deer tags

  • 1 bear tag

Brandon's tags

  • 2 general deer tags

  • 2 general elk tags

Overall, I was pleased with my gear setup on this different style of hunt. It was perfect for being mobile and spiking out for a couple of days if need be. The only problem I had was I did forget my cameraman's food that I packed for him, but we made things work. Other than that everything worked great in the inclement Idaho weather.

If you'd like to check out my older gear list (2017 New Mexico Archery Elk) you can see it here.

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