Who and what is goHUNT?

The idea behind the company


How It Began

The idea for GOHUNT started in early 2013, by a family in southeastern Nevada with deep passion for hunting and with experience pursuing big game all over the American West.

What We Noticed

Even though there are more than two million active western big game hunters in the U.S., there isn’t a place for them on the web. We looked for a professional site with feature articles, photo galleries and cool editorial content that we would want to read and share with our hunting friends -- and we couldn’t find one.

How to Change It

We decided to make a place with all those things and more: breaking news, hunting lifestyle content, expert advice and data-based insights. We wanted to make it an open, interactive platform, to encourage active conversations and connections.

To do this, we knew we had to bring in the best digital talent. Fortunately, we found people who have as much passion and experience with technology as we do with hunting. We came together and got to work on GOHUNT.com.

This Is Your Opportunity

GOHUNT is the result of an opportunity to create something new for the hunting community. Our mission is to help hunters find -- and take -- their own opportunities, and to help them be successful when they do.

This is a work in progress, and we would love to know what you want to see on GOHUNT.com. Please let us know in the comments below.

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