5 Ways to Find Great Hunts

Finding the best Western hunts used to take countless hours of research. Now, a simple online search can reveal detailed information about each state's hunts. Take control and instantly find results with these five methods.

1. Know Your Draw Odds

Some guys spend 20+ years applying for the same premium hunt, never realizing that they are wasting their time and money year-after-year. If they knew better, they might have spent those decades more wisely. Knowing your real draw odds means you can avoid wasting your time on a hunt you might never draw, and instead hunt a different premium tag that you could draw two or three times.

2. Explore Other States

Did you know that only 18% of Western big game hunters apply outside of their home state? If you’re one of the 82% of hunters who stay close to home, you’re probably being held back by the complexity of other states. With breakdowns of each state, species, and unit, you can easily find the information you need to explore new areas.

3. Use Current Information

Every hunter dreams of finding a sleeper unit. You know, that area with big bucks or bulls that you can hunt every year or two. But as rumors grow and people talk, sleepers blow up and become unobtainable. On the flip side, when a once-great unit sharply declines, it takes years of hunters wasting their points on a poor hunt for word to finally spread. When you filter units by trophy potential, you can instantly compare units and stay ahead of the rumors.

4. Male-to-Female Ratios

This is a great piece of data that many states offer, but too few hunters take advantage of. When you’re really looking to narrow down your hunts, you could do a lot worse than knowing how prevalent bucks are. If you are on the fence between two units, knowing that one has 50% higher buck/bull density is a gamechanger.

5. Buy Over-the-Counter Tags

You may not always draw a premium tag, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find a great hunt. Some OTC units in the West have high trophy potential, and you can find them quickly by using Filtering 2.0. You might be surprised by the quality. Either way, you’ll be enjoying a hunt and honing your skills.

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