Parts of an arrow

Arrows can be made from wood, aluminum, fiberglass or carbon. No matter the material type, all arrows share the following five parts:

Arrow point
The point or tip of the arrow, the game species you will be hunting determines the kind of arrow point you select.

Arrow shaft
All other parts are attached to the arrow’s shaft; it’s the main structural component of the arrow. The stiffness of the shaft is called the spine. Make sure the arrow shaft matches your bow's poundage and your particular draw length.

The crest is comprised of the markings that indicate the arrow’s manufacturer, the arrow shaft’s model number and, in some cases, the specific arrow measurements for the diameter and thickness.

Made from either of plastic or real feathers, fletching provides stability for the arrow when in flight. The fletching is made up of three or four vanes per arrow.

Generally constructed from plastic, the nock features a notch in one end to attach the arrow to the string.


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