Slug types and distances

Rifled shotgun barrels and chokes are becoming increasingly popular since they increase the accuracy of shotgun slugs. This style does an excellent job in harvesting game at reasonable ranges. Another key factor for accuracy is the type of slug used.

Saboted slug

A saboted slug is designed to be fired from rifle-barreled shotguns or shotguns with a rifled choke tube. As the saboted slug exits the shotgun muzzle, the sabot separates from the slug and falls away, allowing the slug to continue down range unimpeded. This type of shotgun ammunition is very accurate and provides plenty of knockdown power. It’s often used for most big game at ranges up to 150 yards.

Foster slug

The foster slug is used for hunting targets at shorter distances. The hollow rear on this slug pushes its center of gravity toward the front, which gives it greater stability up to a distance of 75 yards. Most foster slugs feature small fins toward the rear, called rifling.

Distance slugs may travel

When hunting in built-up or semi-rural areas, hunters are generally required to use shotgun slugs. Firing bullets that can travel distances greater than 2.5 miles is unsafe in these types of areas.

The chart below shows how far shot and slugs from a shotgun can potentially travel.

Distance slugs may travel

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