Using a haul line

When climbing a treestand, a hunter should never carry hunting equipment such as firearms and other gear. The extra weight could cause a loss of balance and even result in a fall from the tree. Instead of carrying gear unsafely, retrieve all equipment using a haul line such as a strong rope, strap or commercially made line. Always adhere to the following safety tips when getting yourself and your gear into your treestand:

  • Before climbing into the treestand, unload your firearm and leave the action open.
  • If retrieving a firearm with a haul line, the muzzle of your firearm should always point toward the ground. If retrieving a bow or crossbow, keep all arrows or bolts in a quiver. 
  • Secure hunting equipment to the haul line. If retrieving a firearm, do not tie the haul line around the trigger or trigger guard! Tuck — do not tie — the other end of the haul line into your pocket or belt.
  • Climb into the treestand, securing your FAS/FBH to the tree before beginning to retrieve the haul line.
  • Once you've raised your firearm up to your treestand, check for obstructions in the barrel and action.
  • Take your time. Do not hurry.

Treestand fall suspended hang

Treestand fall self-recovery

Remember! If you fall, don't panic. Stay calm and think out the situation. Practice your 3 R’s: Rescue, Relief and Recover. 



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