Can you score? — Contest details

If you have been around enough hunters, you know that everyone thinks they are professional scorers when they are in the field or when they are back at home admiring their harvest. Now is the time to put everyone’s scoring skills to the test.

Each week, we will post three views of the antlers or horns of a western big game animal, ranging from coues deer to bighorn sheep. We challenge you to score them accurately (full rules at bottom of post). Each week one winner will receive free KUIU gear.

Contest starts July 10th and ends August 3rd (4 weeks total)

Week 1: July 10-13 (Mule deer)
Winner will receive Guide DCS Vest & Ultra Merino 145 LS top (Choose from in-stock inventory)

Week 2: July 17-20 (Elk)
Winner will receive ICON 1850 Pack with Suspension (Vias Camo or Major Brown Solid)

Week 3: July 24-27 (Coues deer)
Winner will receive ICON 5200 Full Kit Backpack (Verde Camo)

Week 4: July 31 - Aug 3 (Mule deer, Elk, Sheep, and Antelope)
Winner will receive ICON 7200 Full Kit Backpack (Vias Camo) + Mountain Star Tent - 1P

- Animal photos will be posted each week at 12pm (PST) on Thursday 
- Participants will have until Sunday at midnight (PST) each week to make their guesses 
- Participants are only allowed one guess per week
- Scores must be posted using your registered goHUNT account in the comments section of the article
- Scores should be made on the total B&C gross inches and be should be calculated down to the eighth of an inch (e.g. 165 ⅜”)
- Winner will be the person who guesses the correct score or closest to it
- In the case of a tie, whoever commented first will be declared the winner 
- Winners will be contacted each week through their goHUNT registered email
- Participants are eligible to win multiple weeks 
- Winners will have 14 days to claim their prize 

Scoring was conducted by: Kody Smith out of Cedar City, UT


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