Can you score? - Grand finale

Grand Finale Week: July 31- August 3 - (Mule deer, Elk, Sheep, and Antelope)

  •         Participants may submit their score by commenting below
  •         Scores should be made on the total B&C gross inches for ALL 4 animals and be calculated down to an eighth of an inch (e.g. 985 ⅜”)
  •         Must submit guess by Sunday, August 3rd at midnight (PST)
  •         Only one guess per person

Full Contest rules and details can be found here

Mule deer front
Mule deer front view
Left view
Mule deer left view
Mule deer right view
Mule deer right view

Elk front view
Elk front view
Elk left view
Elk left view
Elk right view
Elk right view

Sheep front
Sheep front view
Sheep left
Sheep left view
Sheep right
Sheep right view

Antelope front
Antelope front view
Left view
Antelope left view
Right view
Antelope right view

Winner will receive ICON 7200 Full Kit Backpack (Vias Camo) + Mountain Star Tent - 1P
KUIU Prizes
Guess the total B&C gross score for all 4 animals in the comments below. Good luck!


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