Can you score? - Grand finale winner

Congratulations to our Grand Finale winner, Christopher Smith from Los Alamos, NM with a guess of 726 5/8" B&C! The total combined B&C gross score of all four animals was 726 6/8". Below are the official contest score sheets.

Mule deer = 166 4/8"
Elk = 314 2/8"
Sheep = 170 7/8"
Antelope = 75 1/8"

Mule deer scoresheet

Mule deer grand finale scoresheet
Elk scoresheet
Elk grand finale scoresheet
Sheep scoresheet
Sheep grand finale scoresheet
Antelope scoresheet
Antelope grand finale scoresheet
We will be giving a goHUNT hat to Chad Smith and Jordan Watkins who guessed the same score as Christopher but submited his guess later and Mark Lampman who was 2/8" off the exact B&C gross score. 

We had a total of 400 guesses on this grand finale contest. You can view all of the scores and review the photos here.

Christopher will receive ICON 7200 Full Kit backpack (Vias camo) + Mountain Star Tent - 1P for guessing correctly this week. 

KUIU Prizes
Big thanks to everyone who participated! We really appreciate the support. 


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