Can you score? - Week 2

Full contest rules and details can be found here.

Week 2: July 17-20 - Elk

  • Participants may submit their score by commenting below
  • Must submit guess by Sunday, July 20th at midnight (PST)
  • Scores should be made on the total typical B&C gross inches and be calculated down to an eighth of an inch (e.g. 165 ⅜”)
  • Only one guess per person

Can you score - week 2 - elk front view
Front view
Can you score - week 2 - elk left view
Left view
Can you score - week 2 - elk right view
Right View

Winner will receive a KUIU ICON 1850 Pack with Suspension (Vias Camo or Major Brown Solid)

KUIU 1850 pack

Guess the total B&C gross typical score in the comments below. Good luck!


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