Can you score? - Week 3 winner

Can you score? - Week 3 winner

Congratulations to our week 3 winner, Andrew "Ed" Woolstenhulme from Coalville, UT with an exact guess of 105 1/8" B&C! Ed is the first person to guess the exact B&C gross score. Below is the official contest score sheet. 

Coues deer scoresheet - Week 3

We will be giving a goHUNT hat to Todd Palmer, Chase Christopher, Candice Tournah, and TJ Sanchez who were 1/8" off the exact B&C gross score. 

We had a total of 363 guesses on this great coues deer. You can view all of the scores and review the coues deer photos here.

Andrew will receive a KUIU ICON 5200 full kit backpack (Verde camo) for guessing correctly this week. 

KUIU ICON 5200 pack

Big thanks to everyone who participated. Our week 4 grand finale will be posted this Thursday (July 31th) at noon. You will have to take the combined gross B&C score of a mule deer, elk, sheep, and antelope. The winner of week 4 will receive an ICON 7200 Full Kit Backpack (Vias Camo) + Mountain Star Tent - 1P.

Full contest details can be found here.


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