How to look up your Nevada bonus points

How to look up your bonus points in Nevada

Nevada is another very straight forward state to find out how many bonus points you have for each species.

If you want to save some steps, click the button below to be taken directly to the Nevada Department of Wildlife's Licensing page. Once you click that button, proceed to step 3.


Below is a quick step by step walkthrough to find out how many bonus points you have in Nevada.

Step 1

To start this off, jump to NDOW's homepage here.

Nevada department of wildlife homepage

Step 2

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and on the righthand side underneath "BUY A LICENSE" click on "Purchase Now." 

NDOW purchase hunting license button

Step 3

Once one the NDOW Licensing Page, you'll want to click on login in the upper right-hand corner.

NDOW licensing homepage

Step 4

Now you'll need to enter your email and password. Once that is completed, click "Login."

NDOW licensing login page

Step 5

Once logged in, one the left-hand side, select “Application and Points.”

Account page on NDOW licensing

Step 6

Now you will need to click on "Points" that is located in the middle of the screen.

NDOW licensing account page for bonus points

Step 7

And finally, you can review all of the bonus points you have accumulated in Nevada.

NDOW account page looking up total bonus points

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