INSIDER store points explained

goHUNT INSIDER Store Points Explained

We understand that Western hunting is extremely expensive; with application fees, hunting licenses, etc and technical gear only adds on top of that. Our rewards program is hands down the most generous out there. We want our INSIDERs to get the best equipment in their hands for the best deal possible.

MAP Pricing

In this industry, minimum advertised pricing (MAP) is a very enforced rule. This is why you often see the same price for a product at various retailers.

The challenge we had was we wanted to give INSIDERs the best deal possible but we still needed to play within the MAP rules enforced by the manufacturers. We decided to build our own rewards program that will issue INSIDER points on all purchases (basically store credit) back to our store that they can use on anything they want.

How do INSIDER points work?

Screen shot showing points on item
Each product will show how many points you'll earn upon purchase.

Each item in the store will have the ability for goHUNT INSIDER members to earn points (INSIDER points/store credit) that you can then redeem on anything in the store. The amount of points is based off of our margin, so it's varible by product. On our higher margin items, we give more points. Non-members cannot earn or redeem points.

INSIDER points example

ProductPricePoints earned
Mystery Ranch
Metcalf Backpack
Klymit KSB 20°
down sleeping bag
Get a sleeping pad for free with points
Klymit Inertia O Zone
Sleeping Pad

For example: let's say you want to build a lighter camp system from the ground up, if you buy a backpack and sleeping bag, you’re going to get a sleeping pad for free.

Our store is the next value add to our INSIDERs and we want goHUNT to continue to be the one source that they use all the way through from planning and preparing a hunt and now buying the gear they need for their hunt.

Purchasing items and using points

Step 1

Add items to cart.

Items added to shopping cart

Step 2

When checking out, enter in your customer information. On the right it will show how many points you'll earn for the order if you're an INSIDER member. After you've submitted the order, when you go back to the homepage you can see how many points you have in the header.

goHUNT store with points showing in header

Step 3

You can now use your points on any item in the store. Just add an item to your cart, and when checking out, select how you want to use your points (all or none). In this example we added a Klymit Inertia O Zone Sleeping Pad to the cart that costs $79.95 and by using 80 points, you would get this item for free.

Using goHUNT store points to redeem item

Once you apply the required points, you'll see that you're getting the item for free.

Purchasing gear item for free using goHUNT reward points

One point = $1

In our rewards program, one point equals one dollar. There’s no fancy tricks about having to earn 500 to 10,000 points in order to redeem $1 back or anything like that. Ours is a true rewards program. Points are earned on variable margins. So the higher our margin, the more points we give you back.

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