2017 Draw Odds Now Updated (Includes Arizona)

Draw odds have been updated for 2017 and includes Arizona

The most accurate draw odds — just got better in 2017

Last year we released our biggest project to INSIDER and that release was our Draw Odds platform. All hunters want to know their chances of drawing a coveted tag, and we noticed a lot of errors and inaccuracies in other draw odds systems that were currently on the market so we hired a data scientist to architect and create our math equations for each state. The result was the most accurate draw odds in the industry.

2017 draw odds updates

For 2017 we didn’t want to just update our system. We wanted to once again bring you even more information. This year we went a step further with our Draw Odds and included five major enhancements for 2017:

1. Arizona draw odds are now live!

The launch of Arizona draw odds is a huge milestone and was one of the most requested updates. We are the only place where you can find accurate draw adds for Arizona after the 2016 draw changes. You'll also be able to see 2015 draw odds that used the old draw system as well as 2016 draw odds that included the recent draw process change.

Using the draw odds detailed pages for Arizona, you’ll quickly be able to see how the draw system change affected hunters with minimal points and for those max point holders. Strategies for 2017 are definitely going to change for people across all point levels. Utilizing this new information for 2017 is going to be a huge game changer.

Access Arizona Draw Odds

2. Updated odds across every state

Western hunting draw odds updated for 2017
We have draw odds for eight states.

Every state and unit has been updated to show the latest draw odds. You'll now be able to see exactly how the 2016 draw played out to help you decide how to apply in 2017.

3. Year-over-year draw odds and trends

Everyone likes tracking trends and our new year-over-year draw odds detail page allows you to do just that.

goHUNT updated draw odds to year over year
Year-over-year draw odds view. See trends in draw odds, applications and tags drawn.

You'll now be able to see year-over-year trends. This involved an update on both our stand alone Draw Odds page as well as some changes to Filtering 2.0 and our Unit Profiles.

4. Guided draw option in Nevada and New Mexico

Guided draw options on draw odds

You can now see the draw odds for the Guided Draw on INSIDER for both Nevada and New Mexico. You can view the odds three ways; on the stand alone draw odds pageFiltering 2.0 or on Unit Profiles.

5. Cleaner New Mexico draw odds approach

Cleaner approach for New Mexico draw odds

On top of the new changes to Draw Odds, we also changed up our display for New Mexico odds to provide a cleaner approach.

What's next?

Oregon draw odds

Oregon is in the testing phase and will be available early 2017 before the application deadline.

Stay tuned for updates on more enhancements we are rolling out with. Best of luck in the 2017 draws. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime if you have questions.

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