Early Access: goHUNT Maps for iPhone now available!

We are excited to announce that INSIDERs now have access to goHUNT Maps for iPhone!

Western hunters now have the tools to be successful all year long—all on one platform.

Find your hunt, e-scout with real 3D Maps, instantly sync your content to your phone, and go offline in the backcountry.

goHUNT Maps lets you take your map research with you into the field, with or without cell service. When you prepare with INSIDER, you will discover hunting opportunities, prepare for the season, and hunt with confidence.

Back in the summer of 2020, we released our 3D web mapping research tool that we packed with features for Western hunters. We’ve continued to add features, and the goHUNT Maps app is the next step.

With INSIDER, you now have one platform for the whole year. You have all of the Western hunting research tools on INSIDER (Filtering 2.0, Draw Odds, Unit Profiles, and INSIDER-only content), you have a 3D web mapping platform to compliment your tag research plus start your scouting/hunt planning, and now you have goHUNT Maps on mobile to take in the field hunting. Plus, you get the massive rewards on the expert-curated selection of our Gear Shop.

goHUNT Maps for iPhone

goHUNT Maps in action on a hunt. Photo credit: Logan Summers

Get early access to goHUNT Maps when you join INSIDER.

Try it Free

Once you become an INSIDER, you can head over to the App Store and download goHUNT Maps and log in using your INSIDER account. The Android version is right around the corner.

Let us know what you think

When you try the app, let us know how you’re liking it and any feature requests you might have. You can reach out to us directly at feedback@INSIDER.com.


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