INSIDER Update: Black Bear OTC Hunt Data Now Live!

Black bear over the counter data on INSIDER

We are very excited to announce our newest INSIDER feature: black bear over-the-counter data. This new enhancement will help open the doors for hunters looking to add a black bear hunt to their season. You'll now be able to find the perfect black bear unit that meets all the criteria you want in a hunt.

We have information for both spring and fall seasons.

Like our other research data, you’ll have Filtering 2.0 to quickly decide where hunt over the counter black bear in each state with additional filters for number harvested, weapon type, season dates and a lot more. Once you've gotten that portion of your research nailed down, you will be prepared to jump into the Unit Profiles to get a better look at the terrain, access, vegetation, temperature/precipitations and many other features.

Black Bear Over The Counter States on INSIDER*

StateLink to OTC seasons
on Filtering 2.0
ArizonaAZ OTC seasons
CaliforniaCA OTC seasons
IdahoID OTC seasons
MontanaMT OTC seasons
New MexicoNM OTC seasons
OregonOR OTC seasons
WyomingWY OTC seasons

* Washington black bear data will be added when we launch the state. The launch of Washington will happen very soon!

What you'll see with the launch of black bear OTC hunts

You now have the best tools in front of you to find the perfect state and unit to hunt over the counter black bears!

Filtering 2.0

In Filtering 2.0, you'll instantly be able to narrow down where to hunt black bears. With a few clicks, you'll know what unit is perfect for your specific criteria. You'll have access to the following data at your fingertips:

  • Ability to showcase all OTC opportunities in a state
  • Detailed unit-by-unit analysis
  • Season dates
  • Spring/fall seasons
  • # Harvested
  • Public Land %

Sorting by the number of bears harvested per unit

Sorting by number of bears harvested in Idaho on goHUNT

Screenshot of what to expect with black bear OTC opportunities on Filtering 2.0, highlighting the ability to sort by the number of bears harvested.

One of the most impactful tools for locating a spring bear hunt is the number of bears harvested in each unit. And in Filtering 2.0 this information has never been easier to find! Plus, you can also sort all the OTC units from highest to lowest harvest to see what units are trending. You can also select the season (spring or fall) to further figure out the best bear hunt based on the time of year.

Further filter by number of bears harvested

Next, you can take things one step further and adjust the "Animals Harvested" filter to eliminate units that don't meet a certain number of bears taken.

Trending look at number of black bears taken on goHUNT

Once you land on a Unit Profile, you can also see trends on the number of bears taken in each unit.

See OTC black bear on Filtering 2.0

What's next on INSIDER?

As always, we hope you enjoy this new feature to INSIDER. Stay tuned for more enhancements we are coming out with in 2019. We are not stopping here! If you're unfamiliar with INSIDER, you can read more below.

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