INSIDER update: Oregon is now live

Oregon hunting research launch on goHUNT INSIDER


I'm super happy to announce that we just launched our newest INSIDER state: Oregon. Every state is crazy different when it comes to units, draw process and regulations – and Oregon is one of the most complex yet. Like our other states, you’ll have Filtering 2.0 to decide where to apply and hunt with filters for trophy potential, harvest success, weapon type, season dates and a lot more.

What you’ll see with the launch of Oregon

Oregon hunting research live on goHUNT INSIDER
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Oregon has 10 big game species, and covers a total of 67 units. You will not only get analysis of units, sub-units and seasons, but also species breakdowns with interactive graphs, plus a State Profile that outlines how to apply and the fees associated with applying in Oregon.

Article: Oregon mule deer harvest numbers (1960-2011)

Features you’ll find while researching Oregon hunting opportunities

Oregon Filtering 2.0 Example

  • Detailed unit-by-unit analysis
  • Trophy Potential
  • Tag Allocation
  • Harvest Success (Controlled and OTC)
  • Hunters Surveyed for OTC units
  • Buck:Doe ratio
  • % Deer 4 pt+
  • % Elk 6 pt+

If you play your cards right, Oregon could be a great state to look at for additional hunting opportunities.

What’s Next?

Draw Odds

Oregon draw odds will be added to INSIDER for the 2017 application season. Our data science team is hard at work, making sure that Oregon draw odds meet the same rigorous standards as all of our other states.

Application Strategies

Like our other states, we will be releasing extensive Application Strategy articles for Oregon. We’ll cover everything from the basics, to hidden gems, to better ways to manage your points.

Getting Started

Oregon for INSIDERs

Filtering 2.0 State Profile Species Profiles


View a free sample Unit Profile – see the level of detail INSIDER gives you for 4,200+ profiles across the West.

Let us know your thoughts on Oregon. It’s pretty addictive to research a new state and possibly plan an out-of-state hunting trip. Best of luck the rest of this hunting season and good luck in the Oregon draw next year.


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