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 goHUNT INSIDER Nevada draw odds announcement

NEVADA draw odds are now live!

Well — I can’t say it was easy… but goHUNT INSIDER now has the most accurate Nevada draw odds the industry has ever seen.

The Silver State has one of the most complex draw systems for finding true hunt choice draw odds. It takes a lot of information to figure them out, and we took the time and knocked down the right walls to get it done.

After months of trying to track down all the information we needed with slow progress, I caught a lucky break. I was in the gym and ran into one of the best sheriff's Nevada has ever had, and he also happens to serve on the wildlife board for the state. After bending his ear for a while and painting the vision of our draw odds, he offered to help put us in touch with the right people to get the information we needed.

Our odds cover first through fifth choices, at every point level of all applicants, for all species. This is that magic that no one else has ever figured out before (and others in the industry have been around for A LOT longer than us but I guess they figured wrong odds were good enough for their members)... All the Nevada odds out there from companies who say they have the odds are WILDLY wrong and misleading.

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More insight into how we enhance the accuracy of our odds

Nevada is a purely bonus point state which means we needed a sound probability strategy to level out the data outliers.

With us knowing the first through fifth choices of all applicants and at what point level they have, we know how many “tickets” are in the barrel for each unit and season. Then to confirm our math models, we ran over 100,000 data simulations. When we did that, the process maxed out a 36 processor computer and they kept the simulation running for over seven hours to ensure the highest level of accuracy. From a data standpoint… holy shit that’s heavy!

Going into this year’s application for Nevada, don’t be mislead by the “others.” Get the right odds with goHUNT. Nevada is such a great state to hunt and with INSIDER, you will see there is a lot more opportunity to hunt than those “other” companies have told you...


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