inSIGHTS With The Founder - Idaho draw odds are live!

Idaho draw odds announcement

Idaho draw odds are now live!

About a month ago we launched our draw odds product and it was nothing short of a major feat for us. With every state so different, it would have been easy to just blanket the west with “simple odds” or just plain wrong odds. We wanted the most accurate draw odds product in the industry and we built it.

Idaho set us back a bit because of the way they run their draw system. It can be a little complicated with the way they cap the nonresidents at up to 10% of the total tags and that limit can be hit at multiple places (state level, species level and hunt code level). The good news of that is, they run the draw process in a way it can be a benefit to nonresidents. Any time that the ratio between resident to nonresident applicants is higher than 9:1, meaning nine residents to one nonresident, the nonresident applicant has basically the same odds as a resident. If you play your cards right Idaho could be a great state to draw some tags.

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Our next state to release will be Nevada, and I can honestly say — we will have THE ONLY accurate odds in that state. We took the time and found the information needed to give you the right odds. It will be live before the close of the Nevada application.


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