The goHUNT store is LIVE

goHUNT store is now live

Over the last six months we have been working on something big, and it launched today. The goHUNT Gear Shop is now live.

Everything we carry in our store is hand picked and field tested by some of the best backcountry hunters out there. There’s actually quite a bit of gear we are carrying that isn’t really found in hunting centric stores, however it’s definitely the best there is. We have leveraged our knowledge of tens of thousands of dollars wasted, countless hunts cut short and time we will never get back to make sure the gear we offer is tried and true.Sample of goHUNT store brands
Klymit sleeping systems are a staple in the goHUNT offices along with Prana Stretch Zion Pants. Both are the best we have found for backcountry hunts and are offered in our store along with tons of other essentials for the best hunting set-up.

goHUNT INSIDER store points explained

Read more on the points program here

eCommerce is the next “value add” to our INSIDER members. Although non-members can still shop and order from the store, our INSIDER members will be participating in our custom built rewards program that gives our margin back to our INSIDERs giving them the opportunity to get the best gear for the best deal.

Let us know what you think of the store. Also, don’t hesitate to let us know about some gear you would like to see offered in our store.



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