ALERT: Wyoming 2018 Preference Point Deadline Approaching

Wyoming hunting preference points application process

If you intend on hunting Wyoming in the future, here's your last chance to pick up preference points.

In Wyoming, you can purchase preference points for deer, elk, antelope, sheep, and moose. Also, if you're new to applying in Wyoming, you can simply create an account and then purchase points for all species.

The preference point only period in Wyoming is from July 1 - October 31. You can purchase preference points here.

Note: If a person fails to either apply for a drawing with the preference point option or purchase a preference point during the preference point only application period for two consecutive years, all accumulated points for that species will be lost.

The beauty of all this, INSIDERs can start using their account now to further research your opportunities for the 2019 season by looking at our standalone Draw Odds page and Filtering 2.0. Along those same lines, if you need a refresher in Wyoming, make sure to review each of the 2018 Application Strategy Articles to freshen up on the application process, fees and draw odds:

Resident & nonresident Wyoming preference point fees

Bighorn sheep$7$150$150

There is no application fee to purchase a preference point only.

Note: Just like in other states, this system doesn't allow an additional opportunity to gain two preference points for a species in the same year.

Special notes

  • A youth applicant wanting to purchase preference points only must be at least eleven years old at the time of submitting a preference point only application and must be at least twelve years old by December 31 of that year.
  • Preference points are assigned to the person’s sportsperson identification number and are tied to a species, but not to a specific hunt area. You are allowed to apply for different hunt areas from one year to the next. 
  • Any preference points awarded in 2018 will be available for use in the 2019 initial drawings.
  • No person may apply for or be awarded, more than one preference point per species in the same calendar year. 
  • If you were awarded a preference point in the initial drawing period, you are not eligible to purchase a preference point during the preference point only application period. 
  • All applicants who are unsuccessful in drawing a moose or full price bighorn sheep license will automatically be awarded a preference point each year they participate in the limited quota drawing. 
  • There are no preference points for reduced price cow/calf or reduced price doe/fawn licenses.

How to purchase preference points in Wyoming

You can purchase preference points online here.

Step 1

Navigate to Wyoming Game & Fish Department's website and then click on Apply or Buy.

Step 2


Screenshot of Wyoming apply for hunting license page

Step 3

You'll now land on this page and should click on "Continue." 

Applying for preference points in Wyoming

Step 4

You'll once again arrive on a new page and you'll want to click "Accept." After that, you'll be able to log in using your Wyoming Sportsperson ID, and birthdate. If you forgot your Sportsperson ID, you can click "Forgot ID" and if you have never applied in Wyoming before, you will want to click "New Sportsperson" to create your account.

Wyoming sportsperson login page

Step 5

You'll now arrive at a page that showcases all of the hunting applications available. If items are greyed out, you have either already submitted an application for that species or the application period is closed.

Purchasing Wyoming hunting preference points

Click on "Apply" to add that application to your cart. The next page will describe the item and you'll again click "Continue."

You'll then have the option to add a donation to your order if you desire.

Step 6

Finally, you'll arrive on an application review page where you will add the item to your shopping cart.

Next, you can either "Checkout Now" if you only want to purchase preference points for one species (white arrow), or you can "Add Application" which will take you back to the screen where you can apply other species to your order (orange arrow).

Checkout page for Wyoming preference points

Once you've finished adding everything to your cart, you will be taken to the page where you can enter in your credit card information.

Finally, double check you have received a confirmation of the completed transaction.

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