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Ash testAPPLICATION STRATEGY 2021: Wyoming Elk


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The Arizona deer and bighorn sheep draw is one of the most exciting draws of the year. Each year, you will have a number of hunters who beat the odds and are not just going on a nice deer or bighorn sheep hunt, but, instead, are arguably going to some of the very best destinations in the world for the respective species. Whether you are looking for the biggest mule deer, Coues deer or desert bighorns in the country, Arizona has a track record that is as good or better than any other state. Arizona also has ample opportunity for hunters who would like to just get out and hunt. Between hidden gems, the draw process and the number of hunts to choose from, there are plenty of above average opportunities available. Filtering 2.0 was built for draws like this. After you spent a little time filtering through all of the different options in Arizona, you are bound to find something that gets you excited. And whether you decide to hunt sooner rather than later or try your luck with some of the harder to draw areas, Arizona is a state that should be a part of every serious western hunter’s annual application strategy.

Note: The online application deadline for Arizona deer, bighorn sheep and bison is June 8, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ARIZONA time. You can apply online here.

New for 2021

IMPORTANT: In 2021, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) will not publish tentative season information for elk. Elk hunters should use prior season information for the best estimate. Final season information will be published on May 1, which still gives hunters time to make modifications or withdraw applications.

Nonresident applicants have until May 10 to modify or withdraw their applications. Draw results will post the third week in May. Wyoming’s draw system still requires you to front the entire cost of license with your application by Jan. 31. Those funds will not be refunded to your card until late May if you are unsuccessful in the draw. 

Area 113 is typically open every other year. It was closed in 2020 and should be open going into 2021. 

Area 114 seems to have been dissolved and incorporated into Area 11 and 10. We will know more when the actual regulations are released in May. 

Area 123 should be closed in 2021.

Preference Point Reminder: Unsuccessful applicants will not automatically be given a preference point if unsuccessful in the draw. You must purchase a point during the point only time frame, which is July 1 to Nov. 1, 2021. 

INSIDER Feature: goHUNT displays the number of applicants at each point level below the cut-off draw line for each hunt. This gives applicants a much greater understanding of point creep for each hunt and allows them to apply with a much better understanding of their chances. Refer to the detailed Draw Odds pages for hunts you are considering to see the point breakdown.

State Information

View important information and an overview of the Wyoming rules/regulations, the draw system, preference points, SuperTag and SuperTag Trifecta, tag and license fees and an interactive boundary line map on our State Profile. You can also view the Wyoming Elk Profile to access historical and statistical data to help you find trophy areas.

Wyoming State Profile Wyoming Elk Profile goHUNT Maps Draw Odds Filtering 2.0


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