How to use the measurement tool on goHUNT Maps

Some tools you look at and instantly wonder why something like this wasn’t created before. That item is the measurement tool on goHUNT Maps.

A measurement tool seems pretty simple at the surface when you think of what it needs to accomplish. But, goHUNT took this tool to a new level and added other very useful features.


This tool is located in the upper left side of the screen and the icon looks like a ruler.

Line measurement tool on goHUNT Maps

When you first click on the tool, wherever your cursor shows up on the map will be a topographic line. Next, click on a starting point on the map from where you'd like to start a measurement. In the screenshot below, I started the measurement tool at the glassing waypoint. Now when you move your mouse away from that point, it will take that elevation line and then will show you distance as you move your mouse. Then click again and it will give you a view where you can easily read the distance.

Using the line measurement tool for hunting

Three different measurements

You can see several different measurements using this tool:

  • Direct (line of sight)
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

The vertical measurement displayed is great when you want to see how much vertical you still have to climb or descend to reach a spot.

In addition, you can also change the unit of measurement in a plethora of options, metric, imperial, inches, feet, yards, miles, nautical miles, feet (US), meters, kilometers.

Note: when you have the measurement tool open on the map and you have completed the line, you can then move your map around to view this distance from multiple angles.

Different situations to use this tool

Shot distance for rifle hunters

One of my favorite ways to use a measurement tool is for measuring potential shot distance. This is beneficial because I can then learn if a section of the mountain is shootable from a glassing point. And then I can also use this tool in other places I’m glassing to see if other potential areas I might expect an animal will be on, are shootable as well. For this scenario, I am talking about rifle hunting.

Also, there is nothing more frustrating if you expect to be able to glass and hunt from a certain spot… you hike all the way there and realize the terrain is way bigger than you originally thought.

So even though things can change in an instant on a hunt, I still like to utilize the measurement tool to get a feel for the size of the country.

Can you actually glass from a spot?

The measurement tool is also a great way to see if there are features in the way (ridges, canyons, etc) that will prohibit you from glassing a certain spot. 

When using the measurement tool, if there is an obstruction in the way (ridge, canyon, etc) then the orange bottom bar will become transparent. That will let you know that you cannot glass further than that point due to a hill or ridge in the way.

See this tool in action

If you want to see the line measurement tool in use, be sure to check out the video below and you can skip to the 1:18 mark when I run through a few use cases for this tool.


How to access goHUNT Maps

Explore the measurement tool on goHUNT Maps

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