Organize your hunts with Collections

If you’re like us, you’ve probably found it difficult to use mapping applications in the past as there is no way to customize the structure and organization of all your files. After a while, you just have thousands of waypoints, tracks, lines and polygons all over the place.

goHUNT Maps solves this problem with Collections.

Collections are folders that allow you to organize and plan out your research and actual hunts. By organizing your content, you’ll save time, simplify your life and stay in control of your data. You can organize your information by species, by hunt, or however you want. Waypoints and other content can live in multiple Collections, which eliminates the need for having duplicate information scattered across your maps.

goHUNT Maps Collections screenshot

Collections are found in your “Saved” area of goHUNT Maps. Stay tuned later this week as we dive deeper into how to use the Collections feature.

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