2017 Montana alternate list for deer and big game combo licenses


Brady Miller's dad with a general season Montana mule deer
goHUNT INSIDER member, Steve Miller with a 2016 general season Montana mule deer. Photo credit: Brady Miller

Update: As of July 3, 2017 @ 5:00 a.m. - the alternate list results are now available. You can check your results on your MyFWP page here.

If you're wanting to get your hands on a 2017 Montana deer tag... you're not alone. But, all hope is not lost because you still have a slight chance to pull a tag, even after the unsuccessful results that were given to a lot of people in the main 2017 draw. Last week Montana opened up their 2017 alternate list that runs from May 15 through June 30. The alternate list is used for returned reissuing nonresident combination licenses that were returned.

Note: FWP is giving preference to people who applied in the 2017 draw and were unsuccessful. No payment will be collected at the time of signing up for the alternate list. Being on the list, or obtaining a license from the list has no impact on your existing preference points.

Once the alternate list application deadline has closed, you'll be assigned a number and a random drawing of all the names in each alternate list category will be conducted. Starting in early July, you'll be able to check your position on the alternate list after the drawing takes place. The odds of getting a license can change throughout the season. Refunds and reissued licenses may occur at any time, but the volume of returned licenses normally increases before the general rifle hunting season kicks off in late October. I have personally gotten a returned tag during the middle of the season in the past. So all hope isn't lost.

I've already walked several people through this simple process, so to make it even easier, I've broken down the process step-by-step. Note: when filling out your alternate list application, the day you register does not matter. Also, you can only choose one of the license types available.

Step 1

Log into your MyFWP page here. Once you're logged in, select the "Combination License Alternate List" tab.

2017 Montana combination license alternate list main registration

Step 2

Select which alternate list license type you'd like to sign up for. The Deer Combo is a deer tag only and the Big Game Combo is a deer and elk tag.

2017 Montana combination license alternate list

Step 3

After you made your selection and clicked register, you'll get a message letting you know that your choice is final if you confirm and cannot be changed. If you're happy with this selection, click "Confirm."

2017 Montana combination license alternate list confirmation

Continued below.

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Step 4

You'll now see the following screenshot on your MyFWP page after you've successfully completed the 2017 alternate list registration.

2017 Montana combination license alternate list successful application

Step 5

Let the waiting game begin.

Cost to pick up a returned combo license

The cost for picking up a returned combination license is the same as the cost during the regular draw.

  • Big Game Combination license cost is $996 (deer and elk)
  • Elk Combination license cost is $846 (elk only)
  • Deer Combination license cost is $592 (deer only)

I'll keep this article updated as the summer progresses on any new information and will let everyone know when you can see your number after the drawing has taken place. Best of luck to everyone in 2017!

Register for the alternate list here




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