2020 Colorado second draw tag list

Colorado secondary draw hunting tag list

As we stated back in February, the Colorado Second Draw is replacing the leftover draw and the Second Draw is open to everyone, regardless if you applied for the primary draw.

The application period for the Second Draw starts today, June 5, and runs through July 7 at 8 p.m. MT. Apply online here. Draw results should be available online around July 17.

List of tags can be found by clicking the blue links below:

Elk Deer Bear Antelope

Important information

  • There is an application fee
    • You’ll still be charged a fee for applying, whether or not you draw a license. The fee is $7 for a resident and $9 for a nonresident application fee. This applies per species for the secondary draw as well as the primary draw.
  • You did not have to apply in the primary big game draw to apply in the second draw.
  • qualifying license is required. See the info below.
  • Note on preference points: you cannot use or apply for a preference point in the secondary draw.
  • No group hunts. You cannot apply as a group in the secondary draw.

2020 qualifying licenses are:

  • Annual resident and nonresident small game
  • Annual resident combo small game/fishing
  • NEW annual resident senior combo small game/fishing
  • Annual resident and nonresident spring turkey
  • resident veteran lifetime combo small game/fishing
  • NEW resident first responder lifetime combo small game/fishing

What’s different in this second draw?

The old leftover draw only offered deer and elk licenses and was only available to customers who participated in the primary draw. The new secondary also offers black bear and antelope licenses AND is open to everyone whether they applied in the primary draw or not.

NOTE: The new system provides a preference for youth hunters. Youth hunters have 100% preference in the secondary draw. What this means is that the secondary draw will processes all youth application choices prior to processing adult choices. A hunt could be completely drawn by youth before the adult application stage of the draw.

The list of tags

Once again, below are links to the PDF documents from Colorado. I made these original documents available to download, that way you have something to go off these for next year if you want to track trends in what tags were leftover. 

Click each link to access that species leftover list.

Elk Deer Bear Antelope

Researching these second draw hunts

You can easily research these second draw hunt options on INSIDER. Below are links to each species on Filtering 2.0. From there you can jump into each Unit Profile.

Any licenses remaining after the secondary draw (except for Ranching for Wildlife licenses) will be placed on the leftover list and available for purchase on leftover day, starting August 4 at 9 a.m. MT. Also, keep checking the leftover list starting in late July. Additional reissued licenses that were not on the initial list will be added randomly starting on August 11.

Applications for both the primary and secondary draws are only available online or by phone. "Unsuccessful options" have been removed for the draw application process. Over-the-counter unlimited licenses will be available for purchase starting August 6 at 9 a.m. 

Best of luck in the second draw!



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