2020 Montana combination license alternate's list now available

2020 Montana alternate list

2019 public land Montana mule deer. Photo credit: Brady Miller

The 2020 Montana Alternate List sign up is now available online!

So, what is the Montana Alternate's List?

Each year, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks receives a number of unused nonresident combination licenses (big game combination, general elk and general deer) returned. FWP then resells these returned licenses through their Alternate’s List.

You can select your choice of several different nonresident combination licenses (big game combination, general elk or general deer). Then, once the list is randomized and a license becomes available, the hunter at the top of the list will be contacted to finalize the purchase of the license.

When filling out your alternate list application, the day you register does not matter.

How to sign up

You can sign up for the Alternate’s List from May 21 until July 7 through MyFWP by clicking the link below and then logging in.

Register for Montana's Alternate List Sign Up

Each hunter may only register on one combination license list (big game combination, general elk or general deer), and is not eligible to purchase more than one nonresident combination license a year.

Once you are logged in, click on MyFWP Information. And then click on the Combination License Alternate List tab.

Selecting combo license for alternate list

After the signup period closes, the list will be randomized to determine each hunter’s prioritization on these lists.

Payment for the license fee is not required at the time you sign up for the Alternate’s List. If your name is selected, you will be contacted with instructions on how to complete the purchase of the license.

Note: Drawing a tag or being on the list has no effect on your existing preference points.

Once the alternate list application deadline has closed, you'll be assigned a number and a random drawing of all the names will be conducted. Starting in mid-July, you can check your position on the alternate list after the drawing takes place.

The odds of getting a license can change throughout the season. Hunters turning back in their tags for a refund and the state reissuing these deer combo licenses may occur at any time, but the volume of returned licenses normally increases before the general rifle hunting season kicks off in late October.



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