List of returned 2021 Idaho nonresident deer and elk tags available this week

List of returned 2021 Idaho nonresident deer and elk tags

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Earlier this week Dave Barnett and I were patiently waiting to see what tags would pop up on Idaho's next return tags sale date. And... earlier today that list finally went live! On the May 20 return sale date in Idaho at 10:00 am MT, there are 8 nonresident elk tags, 3 whitetail tags, 21 regular deer tags up for grabs.

For the nonresident regular deer tags, while there are 21 tags available, there are some special things to note about what units you can pick up a tag for.

  • One tag can be purchased for any of the units listed in the table below.
  • Individual unit tag counts are a not-to-exceed limit.
    • You'll see that the cap is listed at 21, but at the same time some units are capped at lower numbers. This means that potentially all 21 tags could come from a certain unit or they could be spread out until that 21 tag number is reached.
      • Note: I have called IDFG 10 times the past two days to get more information on this and still can't get through, but this is the information we can gather.
    • Not all general season units have tags available.

Returned sold out tags

Any available tags will be listed on Idaho's returned tag page here.

If there are any returned tags, they will be available once a month until September, and then it switches to the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. MT. The list of available tags for that period will be made available two days before the sale opens at 10:00 a.m. These tags will be available online and they will sell out quickly!

Below is a list of returned tag available dates:

Idaho returned sold-out tag dates

Sale date
(10:00 a.m. MT)
Date to
view available tags
(10:00 a.m. MT)
May 20May 18
June 24June 22
July 22July 20
August 5August 3
September 2August 31
September 16September 14
October 7October 5
October 21October 19
November 4November 2

Pick up an available tag here

General tags available

June 24 tags

June 24 2021 Idaho nonresident elk tags available

June 24 2021 Idaho nonresident regular deer tags available

June 24 2021 Idaho nonresident whitetail tags available

May 20 tag list

Nonresident elk tags

(8 tags available on May 20)

Tag TypeAvailable
Boise River - A Tag1
Brownlee - A Tag1
Middle Fork - B Tag 1
Panhandle - B Tag1
Selway - A Tag1
Selway - B Tag2
Smoky-Bennett - B Tag1

May 20 2021 Idaho nonresident regular deer tag status

Nonresident Whitetail Deer Tags

(3 tags available)

Tag TypeAvailable
Unit 52
Unit 171

Pick up an available tag here

What tags "could be available?"

  • Sold-out nonresident capped elk zones
  • Sold-out nonresident Sawtooth elk zones
  • Sold-out nonresident elk tags
  • Sold-out nonresident deer tags
  • Resident capped elk zones

Future eligible returned tags include:

  • Nonresident outfitter tags for elk and for mule deer
  • Nonresident outfitter tags for capped elk zones (available in August)
  • Resident and nonresident controlled hunts


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