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Montana's 2021 surplus license list and information for applying

2021 Montana surplus license list information

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It's time for Montana's 2021 surplus leftover special license and permit application period! These are licenses and permits that were not distributed through the main draw earlier this year.

The application period for deer permits, elk permits, deer B, and elk B licenses is from June 21 through July 21. The application period for antelope, antelope B, crane, and special mountain lion is August 9 through August 27.

For this first drawing, only deer B (antlerless), elk B (antlerless) and elk permit (antlerless) licenses are available. See the license list below.

This new process for the sale of Montana's surplus licenses began in 2020 in response to issues in previous years. Check out our 2020 article here for more information on the change. According to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP), "the old process was vulnerable to long lag times, confusion and a perception of inequity for those unable to use the first-come, first-served online option starting at 5 a.m." This new process makes it easier for people to apply.

Information on the surplus draw:

  • Residents and nonresidents can apply
  • You can apply for more than one surplus license
  • Payment of the license fee is not required to sign up on the Surplus License List
  • Note: Obtaining a license from this list has no effect on your existing points. 
  • Note on Antlerless Elk Permits: they are valid for antlerless elk and must be used with a valid "General Elk License." These permits do not allow hunters to take a second elk. Hunters must hold a General Elk License to apply for an Elk Permit.
  • The resulting Surplus License List will be randomized with hunters at the top of the list contacted via email with instructions to finalize their purchase within a specified time
  • Hunters must finalize the purchase of the license/permit within the timeframe specified in the email, otherwise, your opportunity will be offered to the next hunter on the randomized list.
  • FWP may offer opportunities that have not sold out through the Surplus License List to over-the-counter customers at their internal and external license sale providers 
  • Nonresidents who hold a NR Native license, Youth Combo license, or NR College Student Combination license may purchase Deer B and Elk B licenses at half price

2021 Surplus License List

2021 Montana surplus license list

Screenshot from the 2021 Montana surplus license list on June 18.

How to sign up:

Apply online through your MyFWP account.

Once you log in, go to your "MyFWP Information" section and then click on the "Combination License Alternate List And Surplus License Lists."

Surplus license signup

Then just select the species/hunt districts you want to apply for and click on "Register for selected lists."

Sign up for the surplus list here

License numbers:

  • The total number of Deer B licenses/permits a hunter may hold each year (through a combination of licenses acquired through drawings, purchased over the counter and through surplus sales is a total of seven). Hunters electing Deer B license/permit opportunities will have the option to purchase two through the Surplus List.
  • For Elk and Elk B licenses a hunter may hold a maximum of three each year. Only one of the three can be a general elk license, and two could be Elk B licenses through various sources such as the original drawing, game damage, or surplus. If you do not hold a general Elk license, you could obtain up to three Elk B licenses. Hunters electing Elk B license opportunities through the Surplus License List may only purchase one. However, additional opportunities up to your maximum of three may be made available through over the counter or damage hunt sales.
  • For antelope licenses, a hunter may hold up to three in a year, of which, one can be either sex. Hunters electing Antelope license opportunities will have the option to purchase one through the Surplus License List.

Points purchase

You can also purchase bonus points and nonresident preference points in Montana from July 1 to September 30. You can purchase your points here once the point-only period opens.


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