ALERT: 2021 Nevada draw results to be released evening of May 21!

2021 Nevada big game draw results May 21

Sunset in the middle of nowhere Nevada. Photo credit: Brady Miller

Update: As of 10:12 pm PST on May 21 when I checked my account, the 2021 Nevada draw results are out!

For a Western hunter, there is honestly nothing more exciting than receiving big game draw results! It's like Christmas morning for adults.

We have been in direct contact with the Nevada Department of Wildlife and they wanted us to let everyone know that draw results will be out a little early this year! Results for the 2021 big game draw will be available around midnight PST on Friday May 21. Most of the time that means they could load anytime from 11:45 pm on May 21... to just after midnight on May 22. So tomorrow night is Midnight Madness as NDOW has put it. You can check your draw results tomorrow here.

Midnight Madness Nevada draw results

To celebrate this great day, set up a group chat with all your friends and participate in the excitement of the Nevada big game draw results with your hunting buddies tomorrow night! There's nothing like having draw results you can plan for, and the excitement of a late-night Midnight Madness release adds to the anticipation.

Once tomorrow night hits, draw results can be found by going to the NDOW Licensing page here and then logging in to your account. Once the draw results are posted, it will take a few hours for credit cards to be charged and email notifications to be sent.

Note: if you check your draw results tomorrow night and don’t see anything, that shouldn’t be an alarm. The draw process to upload all the information could take some time. So keep checking back.

I'll be staying up late to partake in this, so if you're up, drop some comments below as we all wait for the results.

Best of luck in the Nevada draw!

Check your draw results here at midnight May 21


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