How to apply for Nevada’s 2018 mule deer guided draw


How to apply for the Nevada restricted mule deer guided draw
Recent Nevada mule deer bucks taken with goHUNT Business Members.

If you are looking for a way to improve your odds of drawing a coveted Nevada mule deer tag in 2018, then the Nevada restricted mule deer guided draw might be your best option. The tentative deadline to apply for the Guided Draw is March 9, with the draw results available late March. Currently, the NDOW application website is under a re-build, so exact dates are not available at this time, but the deadline to apply is normally the second Friday in March. A report we just heard is NDOW will be conducting the 2018 Guided Draw application here.

What is the Nevada guided draw?

Every year Nevada has a separate drawing where they set aside a certain number of rifle mule deer tags (rifle, early rifle, mid rifle and late rifle) that are available exclusively for nonresident applicants that apply through a licensed Nevada outfitter. The restricted guided draw is completed prior to the general draw that takes place in late March.

The tags are broken down by the season and unit number. There are not a lot of tags set aside for the guided draw… but the odds of drawing are better than the regular pool. Bonus points for mule deer in the main draw are also applicable in the guided draw. The same method of squaring points is used.

For example: five bonus points will be squared to 25 points plus one additional chance for the current application — giving you 26 total chances to draw if you have five bonus points.

Note: A hunter that submits an application through the guided-draw cannot apply for mule deer in the Nevada-main-draw that takes place roughly between March 21 to April 18 of each year. It's also important to know that although you cannot apply for both the guided draw and main draw for mule deer in the same year, accrued bonus points are shared between each draw.

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Benefits of the guided draw

If you are nonresident and apply for mule deer with the mindset that when you draw, you will use an outfitter, then the guided draw is for you. Additionally, an outfitter will be able to help you in selecting a unit that may fit your goals and objectives. The Nevada guided draw option for mule deer will help to improve your odds of drawing that coveted tag. Having a guide in your corner will also greatly improve your chances of harvesting the buck that meets your expectations.

So what are your draw odds?

Nevada nonresident guided draw odds on goHUNT INSIDER

You can see the draw odds for the Guided Draw on INSIDER. You can view the odds two ways. On the standalone Draw Odds page or on Filtering 2.0.

Sample of Nevada guided mule deer draw odds
A quick sample of the Nevada guided mule deer draw odds view on the standalone Draw Odds page.

Draw odds can be drastically better in the guided draw. For example: In Unit 035 the draw odds for a rifle tag in the main draw pool is 0.30% at zero points, but in the guided draw they are 27%! Also, in some cases, a nonresident can have better draw odds by applying through the guided draw than even a resident! The example above in Unit 035, a resident with zero points only has a 2.6% chance to draw the tag with zero points. You can quickly see that a nonresident can have a huge advantage in the guided draw.

Check out your draw odds

Required steps to take

  • Hunters interested in applying in the guided draw must first contact an eligible outfitter (all of the goHUNT Business Members listed below are entered in for the Guide Draw).
  • After the outfitter walks you through the process, you will then need to fill out a Power of Attorney Form and get it notarized. Once the 2018 Power of Attorney Form is finalized for 2018, I'll link that in this article.
  • Proof of Hunter Education is required. 
  • After finalizing that last step, the outfitter can then apply you in the guided draw.

Nevada Business Members in the 2018 Guided Draw

The outfitters listed below are goHUNT Business Members that we work with closely. You can contact them directly to get started on the process of applying for the mule deer guided draw. Outfitters below are listed in alphabetical order.

7L Outfitters

7L Outfitters mule deer photos for Nevada guide draw
A sample of mule deer taken with 7L Outfitters — A goHUNT Business Member

Contact: Brad Lloyd
Phone: (775) 962-1998
Outfitter information: 7L Outfitters
Social accounts: Facebook — Instagram

Deep Creek Outfitters

Deep Creek Outfitters mule deer photos for Nevada guide draw
A sample of mule deer taken with Deep Creek Outfitters — A goHUNT Business Member

Contact: Travis Leavitt
Phone: (702) 860-5771
Outfitter information: Deep Creek Outfitters
Social accounts: Facebook — Instagram

G&J Outdoors

G and J Outdoors mule deer photos for Nevada guide draw
A sample of the mule deer taken with G&J Outdoors — A goHUNT Business Member

Contact: Cary Jellison
Phone: (530) 263-0492
Outfitter information: G&J Outdoors
Social accounts: Facebook 

Pine Peak Outfitters

Pine Peak Outfitters mule deer photos for Nevada guide draw
A sample of the mule deer taken with Pine Peak Outfitters — A goHUNT Business Member

Contact: Jake Rosevear
Phone: (775)-293-1686
Outfitter information: Pine Peak Outfitters
Social accounts: FacebookInstagram

Secret Pass Outfitters

Secret Pass Outfitters mule deer photos for Nevada guide draw
A sample of the mule deer taken with Secret Pass Outfitters — A goHUNT Business Member

Contact: Fred Anderson
Phone: (775) 304-1560
Outfitter information: Secret Pass Outfitters
Social accounts: Facebook — Instagram

Special notes

The only seasons eligible for this special drawing are the any legal weapon rifle seasons (rifle, early rifle, mid rifle, and late rifle). You can find these seasons on Filtering 2.0 if you're looking to start some research on units to apply for. Unlike New Mexico, the Nevada guided draw requires that the outfitter actually complete and submit the application for the hunter by using a guide permit number and password.

Also, the client must be accompanied in the field by a designated guide associated with the outfitter that submitted the application in the guided draw. Even if the tag you draw has season dates that run longer than the duration of the guide contract (time in the field with guide), then it is illegal for the hunter to hunt with a tag obtained in the guided draw without being accompanied by a designated guide.

The tentative deadline to apply is March 9, 2018. It is important that you contact a licensed Nevada outfitter right away if you want to take part in this drawing. It will improve not only your odds of drawing a tag, but also your chance at harvesting a dream buck! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Best of luck in the 2018 draws!

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