How to find antlerless draw odds on goHUNT INSIDER

Brady Miller with his Nevada cow elk

Late season cow elk hunts are not only fun, but the added bonus to filling up my freezer was greatly appreciated.

Antlerless hunts are a great way to add to your season and are also a phenomenal way to fill up your freezer.

Finding these opportunity-type hunts on goHUNT INSIDER is a very easy process. In the video below, Trail Kreitzer goes over how you can make the most of your hunting season by picking up an antlerless tag and he shows where you can find antlerless draw odds within goHUNT INSIDER.

The best part about Trail's video... he will show you exactly how to find a cow elk hunt that you can draw and hunt this year even if you don't have any points built up!


Finding antlerless draw odds on INSIDER

Antlerless hunting draw odds on goHUNT INSIDER

Antlerless draw odds are located at the bottom part of the "species" list on our standalone Draw Odds page.

You can access female draw odds on the web by hovering your mouse over "INSIDER" in the top navigation bar, but don't click anything yet. Then you should see a drop-down screen. Scroll down to the "DRAW ODDS" section and click that. After those steps, you should end up on our standalone Draw Odds page.

From there, you'll select a state and then residency. It will now show you all the antlerless options if you scroll down on the right-hand side under the "Species" section (see the screenshot above for an example in Montana). Then just click on one of them to see draw odds in each unit. Now you have the same tools you would find if you were looking for antlered draw odds where you can enter your points, season, filtering by draw odds percentage, etc.

We cover everything from antlerless elk, to antlerless whitetail, mule deer, blacktail and doe antelope, all the way up to bighorn sheep ewe and cow moose plus many more. If it is an antlerless hunt that runs under a draw, we cover it on goHUNT INSIDER!

Your main opportunities for adding one of these hunts are cow elk, doe deer species, and doe antelope. If you want to go hunting more, dive in and find an antlerless opportunity today using our standalone Draw Odds page.



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