How to look up your Colorado preference points

How to look up your Colorado preference points

Finding out how many preference points you have in Colorado is a fairly straight forward process. But trying to land on the correct page on their website can be difficult if you haven't looked up your points before.

If you want to save a few steps, click on the button below and then enter in your account information. You can then skip ahead to Step 3.


Below is a quick step by step walkthrough to find out how many preference points you have built up in Colorado.

Step 1

Navigate to Colorado Parks & Wildlife homepage.

Step 2

Now, click on “Buy & Apply” to be taken to their CPW Shop Page.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife homepage to look up points

Step 3

Once on their shop page, you'll need to click on “Sign In Or Create Account” in the upper right.

Login to Colorado account

Now fill out the information on the “Existing Customers” section and then click “Sign In.” Note: I find it easier to click the "Choose an Identifier" dropdown box and select a different identifier to make it easier to look up my account.

Existing Colorado customer login page

Step 4

You'll now arrive at your account details page and this is the stage when will you need to confirm some details about your Colorado account. Once you've entered in all the required information, at the bottom, click “Confirm Details.”

Confirming Colorado account details

Step 5

Now you are finally on your Colorado account page. On the left, click on “My Preference Points.”

Colorado hunting account page

Step 6

You'll now be able to see how many preference points you have for all of the species you have applied for in Colorado.

Looking up Colorado preference points

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