How to look up your Montana bonus and preference points

How to look up Montana bonus and preference points

Looking up your bonus points and nonresident preference points in Montana is fairly simple. You can see your points by going to your MyFWP account. Below is a step by step approach to locate how many points you have in Montana.

If you want to save a few steps, click the button below to jump to your MyFWP page and then proceed to step 3. 

Montana MyFWP login page

Step 1

First land on Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks homepage.

Step 2

Click on MyFWP that is located on the main header bar.

Clicking over to MyFWP Montana login page

Step 3

Once you are on the MyFWP page, click on “Login.”

Montana MyFWP login page

Step 4

Now fill out your username and password. Then select the correct item/image from the list to prove you are not a robot. Then again, click on “Login.”

Montana MyFWP username page

Step 5

Once you are logged in to your MyFWP account. You will want to click on the “Bonus Points and Preference Points” tab.

Montana bonus and preference point page

Step 6

At the top, you will see all of your bonus points and directly below that you will see your preference points.

Looking up Montana bonus and preference points

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