How to purchase Oregon preference points

How to purchase Oregon hunting preference points

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Don't miss out on a chance to grab Oregon preference points! This is the last month to pick up your preference points.

You can purchase preference points in Oregon from December 1 to May 15 and from July 1 through November 30 during the points only period (you can only build one point only per year). Purchasing these points will help you in the following years' draw.

Note: Hunters who didn’t put in for a controlled hunt this year or have not already purchased a point saver point for that species are eligible to buy.

To purchase points, you must have a hunting license or you will be required to purchase one. Oregon points are labeled as Point Saver. There are no points for sheep or mountain goat in Oregon.


Oregon's point only fees

Below are the fees for purchasing preference points.

Resident & Nonresident Preference Point Fees

Controlled Buck Deer100
Controlled Elk200
Controlled Antelope400
Controlled Antlerless Deer600
Controlled Spring Bear700

How to purchase preference points in Oregon

You can purchase preference points through the button below:

Step 1

Navigate to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife's website. Then click on "Buy A License."

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife page

Step 2

Now it will take you to the ODFW Licensing System page. You will need to login to your account. If you haven't applied to Oregon before, you will need to create an account. If you can't remember your account information, then click on "Verify/Look up your Account."

Login page for buying Oregon preference points

Step 3

Once you've logged in. You will get to the following page.

Oregon hunting account page

Step 4


Purchase from Catalog button

Step 5

Now you will need to add an Annual Hunting License if you do not already have one. So click "Add."

Adding Oregon Annual Hunting License to cart

If you haven't purchased a tag or bought points in Oregon before, you will then be asked to add your Social Security Number to the system.

Note: If you try to skip ahead without buying an Annual Hunting License, you will get the following screen shown to you. An Annual Hunting License is required to purchase Oregon points.

Prerequisite products notification

Shop article bar

Step 6

Now your page will look like the image below.

Oregon annual hunting license added to cart screen

Step 7

Once you have your Annual Hunting License added to your cart, you will now select "Big Game Hunting" from the Product Category page.

Selecting what Oregon Point Saver points to purchase

Step 8

Now you can select all the species Point Saver you want to purchase. Once you click "Add" they will be added to your cart.

Oregon Point Saver selections

Step 9

Once you've finished selecting what species you want to purchase points for, click "Proceed to Checkout."

Clicking proceed to checkout

Step 10

Now you can review your selection and add a donation to Predatory Animal Control Fund if you wish. Now click "Next."

Summary of

Step 11

Once again you are given a chance to review your information. If everything is good, click the checkbox acknowledgment under the Order Total. Then click "Pay Now."

Final review and checkout page

Step 12

Now you double-check your personal information. Once finished with that, click "Next."

Entering in customer information

Step 13

Now you'll be able to enter your credit card information. Then click "Next."

Entering credit card information

Step 14

Finally, click on "Submit Payment" and you have successfully purchased Oregon points!

Submit payment for Oregon points

Then you'll get to the confirmation page.

Confirmation page


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