How to purchase Utah bonus and preference points

How to purchase Utah bonus and preference points

If you're planning on hunting Utah in the future, you need to pick up points! You can purchase points in Utah until March 19, 2020 at 11:00 p.m. MDT.

Note: If you have already applied for a species in the main draw, you will not be able to purchase a point for that species. The point only period does not allow you to pick up two points in the same year.

Points you can purchase:

  • Nonresidents may apply and build points for all available species (general, limited entry and once-in-a-lifetime)
  • Residents may only apply for one limited entry species: elk, antelope or deer
  • Residents may also only apply for one once-in-a-lifetime species: moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat or bison
  • Residents can also get points for general season deer and the dedicated hunter program if they are not already enrolled

To pick up a point during this time period, you need to have a current hunting license that is still valid.


Resident & Nonresident Point Fees

Buck Deer - General
Dedicated Hunter Program
Dedicated Buck Deer*
Buck Deer
Bull Elk
Buck Antelope
Desert Bighorn Sheep
Bull Moose
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

* Must complete orientation before applying.

Note: All of the examples below are screenshots after the main big game draw has closed, and so they only show the bonus point option. Similar steps can be taken if the draw were still open.

How to purchase points in Utah

You can purchase bonus points and preference points through the button below:


Step 1

Navigate to the Utah Department of Fish and Wildlife online permit application page here. Then, click on "Apply now."

Utah bonus point purchase page

Step 2

Now you will need to select either "Returning Customer" or "New Customer."

Utah new or returning customer page

If you're a Returning Customer, you'll have to fill in your date of birth, and either your Customer ID or Social Security number. Then on the next pages, you'll have to verify some information.

New customers will have a lot of information to fill in. 

Step 3

After a series of pages asking you some questions, you'll finally land on the page where you can select the species you want to purchase a point for.

Select species to purchase points main page

Step 4

Scroll down to the main table and select the species you'd like to apply for. You will have to do each species one at a time.

Select the species, and then click on "Add Application."

Selecting individual species to purchase bonus point

Step 5

Now you've landed on a species page. Click the bonus point table to expand.

Click to expand bonus point option

Then, click on the checkbox on the left to select the bonus point. Then click on "Continue."

Selecting Utah species bonus point

Once you hit Continue, you land on the screen below. Once again, click "Continue."

Confirming bonus point selection in Utah

Step 6

All of the species you are purchasing points for will show up in the "Existing Applications" section at the top.

Utah existing bonus point applications

If at any point in the process you select a species you have already applied for, or already purchased points for, you will get the following screen.

Screen showing current point selection is ineligible

Step 7

If you are satisfied with the species you'd like to purchase points for, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. This area will also show if you have any "Existing Apps From Previous Sessions." This could be other point purchases or species you applied for in the main draw. 

Once you have wrapped up your choices, click on "Review and Submit Payment."

Review and submit payment for Utah points

Step 8

This is now the area where you can review your point application. You can click the "Return to Applications" if you want to add another species, otherwise, scroll down further, click on the statement checkbox that you agree, then finally click on "Continue to Payment."

Reviewing Utah hunting point application selections

Step 9

Now you are close to the payment page! Here you will enter in a little information about your account, then click "Enter Credit Card Information."

Submitting account information

Now just enter your card information and then click on "Submit Payment." After this, you have successfully purchased points in Utah.

Final credit card page to purchase Utah points



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