How to purchase Wyoming preference points

Purchasing Wyoming hunting preference points

Don't miss out on a chance to grab Wyoming preference points! This is the last month to pick up your preference points.

For the 2020 season, you can purchase preference points in Wyoming from July 1 through November 2. Purchasing these points will help you in the following years' draw. A nonresident can pick up points for deer, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, and moose. Residents can only pick up points for moose and bighorn sheep.

There is no point system for mountain goat or bison.


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For deer, elk, and antelope you will not automatically receive a preference point if you are unsuccessful in the draw. If you are unsuccessful in the draw you will need to log into your account from July 1 to November 2 and purchase a preference point.

Wyoming's point only fees

Below are the fees for purchasing preference points. There are no prerequisites to purchase the points.

Resident & Nonresident Preference Point Fees

Bighorn sheep$7$150


Nonresident Youth Preference Point Fees

Youth Deer$10
Youth Elk$10
Youth Antelope$10

How to purchase preference points in Wyoming

You can purchase preference points through the button below:


Step 1

Navigate to Wyoming Fish and Game's website. Then click on "Apply or Buy."

Wyoming game and fish homepage to buy preference points

Step 2

On the left side under "Apply for a License", you will want to click on the lower-left button. If you use the "Purchase a License or Stamp" section, you will not be able to purchase a preference point.

Apply for licenses section in Wyoming for preference points

Step 3

Click "ACCEPT" on this page.

Wyoming game and fish hunting authorization

Step 4

If you know your Sportsperson ID, enter it in here and then fill out your birth date and click "Continue." If you don't know your Sportsperson ID, then click on "Forgot ID."

Wyoming game and fish sportsperson ID page

Step 5

If you clicked on Forgot ID, you will be taken to this page. Fill out all of the top boxes, and one of the ID Boxes and then click "Continue."

Wyoming game and fish forgot sportsperson ID login page

Once you click "Continue" you'll have to once again confirm the last four digits of your social security number.

Shop article bar

Step 6

Now you'll be given a chance to review and/or update your personal information.

Step 7

This next area is when you can select which species you want to purchase preference points for. If the "Apply" section is greyed out in the preference point area, you have either already bought the point or are ineligible to purchase that point. You'll click on "Apply."

Selecting what preference point to buy in Wyoming

Step 8

After clicking Apply, you'll be taken to the screen that shows you the price of the preference point. Click "Continue."

Showing price of nonresident deer preference point

Then you will be asked if you want to add an AccessYES Donation or add a Search and Rescue Donation. Click either "Continue" or "Continue without donation."

Wyoming access yes and search rescue donation

Step 9

Now it will allow you to review the information you entered on the previous two pages. Click "Add to Shopping Cart."

Reviewing nonresident Wyoming preference point purchase

Step 10

This page will show you all the items that are currently in your shopping cart. You can either click "Checkout Now" or "Add Application" if you want to purchase preference points for other species.

Preference points added to cart

Step 11

Click "Checkout Now" if you are finished. You will be taken to the Super Tag page. You can either purchase raffle tickets here, or just click "Continue with Checkout."

Wyoming Super Tag purchase

Step 12

Then after that, you will need to click continue to access their credit card area.

Entering credit card page

Step 13

Finally, you will enter all your information and credit card information.

Purchase page for Wyoming preference points

In conclusion

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