Information on the 2020 Utah antlerless draw

Utah antlerless draw information

The 2020 Utah antlerless draw is coming up. The application deadline is June 18 at 11 p.m. MST and draw results will be available on or before July 9. Remaining permits after the draw will be available July 22.

Apply online here

If you don't want to apply for a hunt, you can pick up a preference point for antlerless general species during this draw and you can pick up a bonus point for the limited entry antlerless species as well.

Options in the antlerless draw include:

  • Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep ewe (limited entry)
  • Antlerless moose (limited entry)
  • Antlerless deer (general season)
  • Doe antelope (general season)
  • Antlerless elk (general season)

Draw odds

We cover antlerless Draw Odds for all of these hunts on INSIDER. The ewe bighorn hunt does not have draw odds, as this is a new hunt for 2020.


Antlerless Mule Deer Odds Antlerless Elk Odds Doe Antelope Odds Antlerless Moose Odds


Antlerless Mule Deer Odds Antlerless Elk Odds Doe Antelope Odds Antlerless Moose Odds

Group applications

If you are doing a group application, you must add all hunters to the session first, then follow the instructions on the page following species selection to ensure accuracy. Important: A group application cannot add members after it is submitted.

Youth information

A youth hunter wanting to participate in the youth only draw for antlerless elk, deer, and doe antelope must apply as an individual or in a youth only group. Youth who apply in a group with an adult will not be eligible for the youth only round.

Flexibility in using antlerless elk permits

If you obtain two antlerless elk permits for the same area — but the permits are for different seasons — you may harvest both elk during the same season. And don't forget that you can use your antlerless permit during your buck or bull season, as long as it's for the same area.

Opportunity for youth

A full 20% of the permits for antlerless deer, antlerless elk and doe pronghorn are reserved for hunters who will be 17 or under by July 31, 2020.

Obtain up to three elk permits

You may obtain up to three elk permits per year, as long as at least two of the permits are for antlerless elk, but you can only apply for or obtain one antlerless elk permit in the drawing.

Antlerless elk-control permits

In 2020, Utah has antlerless elk-control permits on eight hunting units. Learn more here.

New for 2020

For the 2020 season, Utah approved new hunts for antlerless deer, antlerless elk, doe antelope, antlerless moose and ewe bighorn sheep. 

Here is a quick look at the new for 2020 hunts:

Antlerless deer hunts

  • South Slope, Myton (primarily private lands, two-doe permits)

Antlerless elk hunts

  • Beaver, East (two hunts on public land, including an early hunt and a later hunt)
  • Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek/South (two hunts, including an early hunt and a later muzzleloader-only hunt; tooth collection will occur on both hunts)
  • Central Mtns, Moroni Hills (adds a later hunt option)
  • Fillmore, Kanosh Valley (primarily private land)
  • Morgan-South Rich (two hunts, including an early hunt and a later hunt)
  • Panguitch Lake
  • West Desert, Tintic Valley

Doe antelope hunts

  • Pine Valley

Antlerless moose hunts

  • Morgan-South Rich (limited public land)

Ewe bighorn sheep hunts

  • Box Elder, Newfoundland Mtns

Change to permit surrender processes

Starting in 2020, if you want to surrender your big game permit, you are strongly encouraged to do so at least 30 days before the season opens. The surrender process has changed and could result in the loss of previously accrued bonus or preference points. For details, see the Surrendered permits and refunds page.

Fee increases for nonresident hunters

As we covered earlier this year, starting July 1, 2020, all license, permit and application fees for nonresident hunters will increase in Utah. For details, see the table below or visit the License, permit and miscellaneous fees page after July 1. (Important: This change will not affect people who obtain antlerless permits through the hunt drawing. However, it will be in effect if you purchase one of the remaining antlerless permits, starting July 22, 2020.)

Permit fees

(through June 30)
(starting July 1)
Antlerless deer$30$93$107
Two-doe deer$45$171$197
Antlerless elk control$30$93$107
Antlerless elk
(general season)
Antlerless elk
(private land only)
Antlerless moose$213$713$1,000
Doe antelope$30$93$107
Two-doe antelope$45$171$197
Ewe bighorn sheep$100$1,000$1,100
CWMU antlerless deer$30$93*$107*
CWMU two-doe deer$50$218*$318*
CWMU doe antelope$30$93*$107*
CWMU two-doe antelope$45$171*$197*

* Nonresidents may only obtain CWMU permits through the CWMU operator. See a list of hunts on CWMU properties.

Hunting license required

Before you can apply for a 2020 antlerless permit, bonus point or preference point, you must have a valid Utah hunting or combination license. You can purchase a license today or when you apply for an antlerless permit.

Forfeit preference points for the purchase of remaining antlerless permits

If you obtain a general-season antlerless permit over the counter (after the antlerless drawing) or a private-lands-only permit, you will lose any preference points you've previously accrued for that specific antlerless hunt. If you purchase an antlerless elk control permit, you will not lose your preference points.

Private-lands-only antlerless elk permits

Available on July 22, 2020. Learn more about private-lands-only permits or see a list of permits that will be available here.

You can check out the list of Utah outfitters and Business members below.

List Of Utah Outfitters

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