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Nevada mule deer guided draw


Mule deer buck taken by applying in the Nevada guided draw
Photo credit: G & J Outdoors

If you are looking for a way to improve your odds of drawing a coveted Nevada mule deer tag, this may be your answer.

Who should consider Nevada’s guided draw for mule deer?

Nevada is a great state for mule deer and has numerous options when considering where to apply. If you are not a resident of Nevada and apply for mule deer with the mindset that when you draw, you will use an outfitter, then the guided draw is for you. Additionally, an outfitter will be able to help you in selecting a unit that may fit your goals and objectives. The Nevada guided-draw option for mule deer will help to improve your odds of drawing that coveted tag. Having a guide in your corner will also greatly improve your chances of harvesting the buck that meets your expectations.

What is the Nevada guided draw? 

Every year Nevada has a separate drawing that is available exclusively for nonresident applicants that apply through a licensed Nevada outfitter. Bonus points for mule deer in the main draw are also applicable in the guided draw. The same method of squaring points is used. For example: three bonus points will be squared to nine points plus one additional chance for the current application -- giving you 10 total chances to draw if you have three bonus points.

Nevada guided draw increased success

The only seasons eligible through this special drawing are the rifle seasons (also referred to as the "any legal weapon" seasons). Unlike New Mexico, the Nevada-guided-draw requires that the outfitter actually complete and submit the application for the hunter. This drawing has a separate quota of tags available exclusively for these applicants. The application can be found here.

Draw comparison for late rifle in Unit Group
061, 062, 064, 066-068


Main draw
(nonresident only)

Guided draw
(nonresident only)

YearTagsApplicants% DrawnTagsApplications% Drawn

An applicant that submits an application through the guided-draw cannot apply for mule deer in the Nevada-main-draw that takes place between March 23 to April 20. It is also important to know that although you cannot apply for both the mule deer guided draw and main draw in the same year, accrued bonus points are shared between each draw.

Also note the requirement that the client must be accompanied in the field by a designated guide associated with the outfitter that submitted the application in the guided-draw. Even if the tag you draw has season dates that run longer than the duration of the guide contract (time in field with guide), then it is illegal for the hunter to hunt with a tag obtained in the guided-draw without being accompanied by a designated guide. 

The deadline is March 13 at 11 p.m. and is quickly approaching. It is important that you contact a licensed Nevada outfitter right away if you want to take part in this drawing. It will improve not only your odds of drawing a tag, but also your chance at harvesting a dream buck! A list of licensed Nevada outfitters can be found in the goHUNT Outfitter Directory. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


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