New Video: THE SIZZLE — How To Understand Draw Odds

Sit down and enjoy THE SIZZLE, a new round table discussion for hunters. In this episode, the guys are discussing draw odds and how to best interpret the data points to help you when applying for tags in the west.

Brandon, Trail and Dave sit down to discuss ways to best interpret all of the draw odds information in front of you when it comes to our standalone draw odds page and the powerful tools found on Filtering 2.0.


There are a bunch of gems in this video that will greatly help you with your application strategy.

  • Using draw odds to your advantage
  • How to find hunts you can draw this year
  • There's more to draw odds than just "odds" that you need to look at
  • Why using Filtering 2.0 is a huge help that compliments draw odds
  • Point levels you need to pay attention to that are above and below your current point level
  • Why no one can predict draw odds





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