Introducing the most accurate Draw Odds ever

Idaho elk draw odds example

See your odds in three different ways

1. Stand alone draw odds experience that showcases your odds for whatever state/species/hunt you are interested in, plus application trends and tags drawn at each point level.
2. Draw Odds is added as another filter in Filtering 2.0. When you instantly filter by quality of hunt, you can also see which ones you can realistically draw.
3. It is also incorporated in each season in unit profiles.

Draw odds really rounds out the entire INSIDER product, and now gives the hunter everything they want to see all in one place.

Why are our draw odds different and more accurate than anything thing else in the industry? Because just like everything else in INSIDER, we took the time to make sure we built the best of the best. In our process to get draw odds figured out, we hired a data scientist to architect and build our math equations for each state. What did he build? — An entire collection of data models and a Multivariate Wallenius Hypergeometric Probability Distribution which turns out to be the most accurate approach for draw odds.

Draw odds navigation example

As any Western hunter knows, each state is vastly different from any other: How they look at choices, how many passes in the draw, the nonresident tag allocation, bonus points vs. preference points, and so on. Getting the state governments to full and complete information was probably the hardest thing in the entire process. It’s been a year and a half since we started our draw odds product and now it’s finally here.

goHUNT draw odds data quote

Seven states are currently live

•  Colorado
•  Idaho
•  Montana
•  Nevada
•  New Mexico
•  Utah
•  Wyoming

For full transparency, we have chosen to launch our odds calculator without Arizona. Here is the reason: Arizona has just changed their draw process, and it is yet determined if its for the better or worse if you are a max point holder or a mid point holder. The odds are definitely going to sway this year because of the change, and we chose to not show the old odds as to not confuse or show bad information. Our commitment is to have the most accurate information ever. Start exploring your draw odds.

Let us know your thoughts on the draw odds, it’s pretty addictive to see the possibilities of tags that you are in the game for. Good luck in the draws this year.


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