14-year-old harvests record Kansas whitetail

14-year-old harvests record Kansas whitetail

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Congratulations to Paslie Werth – the 14-year-old who shot a potentially record-breaking nontypical whitetail deer on Sept. 5 during Kansas’s youth deer hunting season. Werth, who was rifle hunting with her father on family property in Kiowa County, shot a “40-point, free-range whitetail buck” with a gross green score of 282 6/8” two days into the youth season, The Hutchinson News reports. 

“I hunted all day Saturday, opening day, and all day Sunday,” said Paslie. “It was Sunday evening when I had the opportunity to shoot him.”

The family had been keeping tabs on the buck via trail camera for the past three years, but seeing him up close and personal was definitely a different experience. 

“When he stood up 25 yards away, I was in shock of his massive rack,” said Paslie.

Paslie Werth - 14 years old - with her huge whitetail buck

Fourteen-year-old Paslie Werth shot this 40-point whitetail buck officially measuring 282 6/8 inches while hunting with her dad. Source: The Hutchinson News

Paslie’s mother, Dionne, told The Topeka Capital-Journal, that the family feels “very fortunate that she was the one that was able to harvest him.”

This is Paslie’s fourth buck, dwarfing her previous ones.

“My next biggest was a 12-point whitetail that scored 178,” said Paslie, who plans on getting a full shoulder mount of her monster buck once it’s officially scored.

Paslie will have to wait the required 60 days antler drying time before her buck can be officially scored. The previous state record in Kansas for nontypical whitetail is 280 4/8” by Joseph Waters in 1987, according to The Hutchinson News. In 2018, Mark Watson nearly passed that record with his deer, which scored 280” flat.

“I’d like to thank my parents and grandparents for helping me have this experience,” said Paslie. “I’d like to encourage other kids to get in the outdoors.”

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