23 hunters get a chance to hunt Arkansas elk this fall

23 hunters get a chance to hunt Arkansas elk this fall

Photo credit: Dreamstime

Just over two dozen lucky hunters will get to hunt Arkansas elk this fall after the state held its random drawing earlier this week. The drawing selected 20 hunters from a pool of 4,547 applicants. The remaining three available tags are reserved for those who enter the 2021 Buffalo River Elk Festival drawing in person, which will be held Sept. 3 and 4, according to Channel 5 News.

“We still want to have a good incentive for people to come to the Buffalo River Elk Festival and see what elk country is all about, but we needed to make sure that the majority of hunters had plenty of time to scout if they were drawn,” said Wes Wright, elk program coordinator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. “Winners will need to be onsite during the draw to claim their tag if their name is called.”

The fall hunt will occur on public land on the Buffalo National River, Gene Rush Wildlife Management Area and Bearcat Hollow Wildlife Management Area. Weapon choice is up to each hunter.

Those who drew a coveted tag are assigned to specific zones within these areas. Interested in seeing who was lucky enough to draw? The list is right here.

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